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El Tesoro Pirata

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  • Software: MGA
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 3
  • Reels: 1

El Tesoro Pirata Slot Review

When first loading into El Tesoro Pirata, players may feel like they're playing a standard traditional slot. This game is loaded with classic symbols, 3 reels, and has a single payline, with a minimum stake size of 0.20 per spin. However, a quick glance at the array of bonuses will show that a lot of modern features have also been incorporated into the slot. A pirate ship is the setting for El Tesoro Pirata, with the different modes allowing players to go on a tour of the boat itself!  

El Tesoro Pirata Slot Eng - bwin

This slot was produced by MGA, a popular slot provider that has been in the industry since 1976. They focus on slots that have a retro appearance, without the titles being short of bonus features, either. Some of the previous releases in their portfolio include the likes of RF Angels, Citas, and Super Detective

Featured Symbols

El Tesoro Pirata Symbols Eng - bwin

The least desirable symbols in El Tesoro Pirata include oranges, plums, lemons, strawberries, and bells. Premium symbols revolve around three different coloured diamonds, with a green, red, and blue variations all being available. In the same order, these can award players with 40x, 200x, or 1,000x their stake size, should three form a matching combination. Diamonds can also award 2x if a combination of the different colours appears along a payline. 

When it comes to special symbols, there are a lot in El Tesoro Pirata. There is a coin, which can award players with bonus credits should a combination form. In addition to this, there are bottles, ships, treasure chests, and barrels, all of which have their own corresponding bonus mode. 

Bonuses and Jackpots

El Tesoro Pirata Bonus Eng - bwin

To follow the traditional theme, El Tesoro Pirata comes with the ability to hold and nudge. This can be done manually by the player or automatically, where the slot will find the optimal outcome. Like with classic slots, there is also a gamble feature when a combination is formed, which can increase the potential winnings or award players with bonus credits. Landing a combination of coins can also award bonus credits. 

First up is the bottle bonus, which can be triggered if a combination of three bottles form during the base game. This game takes place in a cellar, where a set of bottles is found. These will illuminate randomly, and players will be prompted to stop the flashing sequence whenever they wish. Each bottle has an associated credit value, with the corresponding value being awarded, depending on where the light stops. 

There are three more bonuses in the 'Upper Game'. This can be located by pressing the 'Change Game' button, where players can use their stored bonus credits. In this mode, players can be awarded with additional bonus credits or balance. 

All of the bonuses in the 'Upper Game' are rather similar, with a combination of ships, treasure chests, or barrels triggering a different mode. In the ship bonus, a roulette-themed game will commence, with players being awarded based on the outcome of the spin. For the treasure chest mode, players can pick between 3 chests to reveal their potential winnings. Finally, the barrel game involves a ladder that can be climbed if the light is stopped in the right place. The higher the player climbs on this ladder, the greater the potential winnings.  

Play El Tesoro Pirata at bwin

For players who like slots with a traditional appearance, El Tesoro Pirata could be one to consider. While the visuals are relatively minimal, there is a vast range of bonus modes in this game, all of which are set in a different part of the ship itself! 

Is El Tesoro Pirata available to play at bwin?

Yes, El Tesoro Pirata and many other popular slots can be found online at bwin.

Which company produced the El Tesoro Pirata slot?

El Tesoro Pirata was created by MGA.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in El Tesoro Pirata?

In El Tesoro Pirata, landing three special symbols will trigger the corresponding bonus.