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Mining Madness

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  • Software: Gaming Corps
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 5
  • Reels: 5

Mining Madness Online Slot Review

If you’re willing to take a few risks along the way to winning gold, then you’ve got a lot in common with Billy-Boyd Skeeter, the main character in Mining Madness, the new online slot from Gaming Corps. A cross between gaming and an online slot, players can choose the level of risk they take - but more risk, more reward! If you manage to track down the gold and hit the top prize, you could receive a payout of up to x5000. 

Mining Madness Slot - bwin-ca

If you enjoy slots with a good narrative, settle down to enjoy Mining Madness. Billy-Boyd Skeeter is a crazy mountain man who's spent his lifetime trying to find gold, and only succeeding in losing teeth - and some hair! - in the process. For the first time in his life, he's successful, finding a rich vein of gold to mine. Delirious with happiness, he knocks back a bottle of moonshine and heads to the mountain with some dynamite…which is not a good combination. When he wakes in the morning, he can't remember where he set up the explosives in the mountain. This means as he mines for gold; he runs the risk of blowing himself up - do you dare to join him on a quest for gold while trying to dodge the TNT? 

The game board is set up as a 5x5 grid, but there are no traditional reels to spin, and no paylines or ways to win as you might expect. In fact, this game doesn't have a lot in common with most slots, as you'll see below! Rather than betting per spin, you'll place a bet per game, which makes it closer to crash games such as Spaceman than traditional slots. You can bet from 1.00 to 200.00 per game. 

Feature Symbols

The action takes place deep in a mine, putting you deep underground and surrounded by mining paraphernalia. Billy-Boyd is looking over the game board, which is filled with 25 chunks of rock set into a wooden frame, with the betting panel to the left. It's an immersive and detailed design, and you'll feel a shiver of apprehension as you click each rock, trying to avoid the explosive! 

Mining Madness Dynamite Loss - bwin-ca

There isn't a paytable with this game as it's very different to a regular slot. The aim of the play is to acquire as many golden nuggets as possible without setting off the explosives. The amount of risk you're willing to take can be set before the game starts, and you can stop to collect your winnings at any time. The panel to the left of the reels allows you to adjust the stake, and also how many sticks of dynamite are on the reels. The more dynamite you opt to include, the higher the prizes will be. Fewer sticks of dynamite mean it's theoretically possible to collect more golden nuggets, but they will be worth less. How you balance the game between risk and reward is up to you! 

To play, simply click on the stone that you'd like to uncover. If it's a gold nugget, you'll see your win total on the left-hand panel start to increase. The more golden nuggets you find, the higher this total will climb but beware! If you don't cash out before you uncover a stick of dynamite, you'll lose everything. The trick is to discover as many rocks as you can for golden nuggets without revealing any dynamite. 


There are no real bonuses in Mining Madness, but there’s lots of excitement just in the basic play. 

Mining Madness Treasure Boost - bwin-ca

However, if you opt to include three sticks of dynamite or more, the Treasure Boost feature will be in play. This increases your chances of finding golden nuggets but activates at different times, depending on how many sticks of dynamite you've chosen to include. For example, if there are three sticks of dynamite, then Treasure Boost becomes active for the final seven unopened tiles. 

Play Mining Madness at bwin

If you’re looking for a truly innovative game that’s different to the usual online slots, then it’s hard to find better than Mining Madness. GamingCorps have created a genuinely new style of gameplay that puts all the decisions back in the hands of the player, providing complete control over when to cash out and how much risk to take. This will make it appealing to players of all levels of experience, providing the high volatility that big money hunters will want, and safer gaming for newer players. We predict this title will be nothing short of explosive.

Can I play Mining Madness at bwin?

Yes. Mining Madness is available to play online at bwin.

Who makes the Mining Madness slot?

Mining Madness was created by Gaming Corps.

How do I get to the bonus round?

There is no bonus round in Mining Madness, but if you play with three sticks of dynamite or more, then the Treasure Boost will be active.