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Tiger's ice

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  • Software: Alchemy Gaming
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 3,125
  • Reels: 5

Tiger's Ice Slot Review

Tiger's Ice brings sabre-tooth tigers back to life, as a family of the infamous predators is featured in this online slot. Once the game loaders, players will be greeted with a view of a snowy valley, with a mysterious pillar and the Northern lights also being visible in the background. Tiger's Ice Slot also features an interesting mechanic known as 'Rolling Reels', which ensures that matching combinations are removed from the board, allowing new symbols to drop in from above. As for the board, it features 5 reels and 3,125 different paylines.

Tigers Ice Slot En - bwin

This slot was produced by Alchemy Gaming, a relatively small studio that focuses on using mathematics to provide players with an entertaining experience. Some of their previous releases include Aquanauts, Football Finals X Up, and 25000 Talons. It's also worth mentioning that Tiger's Ice is powered by Microgaming, a titan in the online slot space.

Featured Symbols

Tigers Ice Featured Symbols - bwin

When it comes to the least desirable symbols in Tiger's Ice, there is a purple token, a pink token, a club, a diamond, a heart, and a spade. These are followed by the premiums, shown as a flower, a pillar, two baby sabre-tooth tigers, and a fully grown sabre-tooth tiger. Should five of these form a matching combination, players can be awarded with 1.5x, 1.66x, 2.33x, or 6.6x their stake size, respectively.

There are two special symbols to touch on, too, with the first being a wild. These can replace any standard or premium symbol to form a combination. Scatter symbols also appear in this slot, shown as the eye of a sabre-tooth tiger. It's these symbols that are responsible for triggering the main bonus mode!

Bonuses and Jackpots

Tigers Ice Bonus - bwin

As previously mentioned, the 'Rolling Reels' mechanic is active throughout the base game and bonus mode in Tiger's Ice. This feature is relatively simple and will remove any matching symbols from play, making room for others. Due to this, a series of different combinations can be formed during the same spin. 

Next is the 'Echo Roll', which can trigger when a rolling reels sequence is in progress. Instead of new symbols being dropped in from above, the 'Echo Roll' square in the top right will add new icons, meaning that a combination is guaranteed to form. The matching symbols will then be collected by the 'Echo Roll' square, which may give players a better chance of it triggering again. 

Last but not least is the free spins bonus mode that can be activated if at least three scatter symbols land simultaneously. Rolling reels can also cause three scatter icons to appear, as they will not be removed from play while the sequence is in progress. Players will be awarded with eight free spins should three scatters trigger the bonus, with subsequent ones awarding two additional spins each.

Before this mode starts, players will be prompted to spin a wheel that is loaded with different modifiers. The possible outcomes include two extra spins, four extra spins, wilds being awarded from the 'Echo Roll' mechanic, and the 'Echo Roll' feature only adding premium symbols to the board. 

During the bonus, if a combination is formed using the rolling reels feature, the win multiplier for the round will be increased. This multiplier will not reset between spins and will be applied to any potential winnings that occur on following spins. Finally, landing a scatter in this mode will add another spin.

Play Tiger's Ice at bwin

Tiger's Ice is a slot that is incredibly easy on the eye and offers a relaxing soundtrack to increase the levels of immersion. Another standout aspect of this game is the free spins mode, which can also make use of the two other bonus mechanics!

Is Tiger's Ice available to play at bwin?

Yes, Tiger's Ice and many other games can be played online at bwin.

Which company created the Tiger's Ice slot?

Tiger's Ice was produced by Alchemy Gaming.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in Tiger's Ice?

In Tiger's Ice, landing three or more scatter icons simultaneously will trigger the free spins bonus.