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Toi Planet

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Toi Planet Online Slot Review

Discover new species of beings with Toi Planet, the online slot from MGA Games. Players will be blasting off to visit the friendly aliens on their home turf while hoping to return back to earth with some possible cash prizes. And there's plenty of potential up for grabs, with a theoretical 15,000 available to be won.

Toi Planet Slot En - bwin

The name of the game might seem curious, but not if you were an avid sticker collector in the 90s! Toi is the name of a popular series of stickers which featured aliens and other-worldly creatures, and they’ve now been brought back to life in slot form, courtesy of MGA Games.

The style of the game is simple and very similar to many of MGA's other titles. The main game is a 3x3 grid with a single payline, although there's the possibility of progressing onto more. Betting starts at 1,00 and can increase up to 15,00 per spin. Volatility is medium, so you shouldn't be left high and dry in outer space for too long before prizes start to drop in.

Feature Symbols

Toi Planet Feature Symbols - bwin

This is a classic slot, but MGA have livened it up with some fun graphics which will appear to retro Toi fans. The characters which once graced the pages of the Panini sticker book have been recreated faithfully on the slot screen.

The symbols are traditional, with oranges, grapes, cherries, plums, BARs and more to line up for the win. There are more paylines and extra symbols on offer in the upper game, but you'll need to collect bonus credits in order to progress. You'll only be able to continue playing the upper game for as long as your bonus balance lasts before returning to the main game and starting again.

There is a wild on the reels to help you out, substituting for any of the regular symbols to create more winning lines.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Toi Planet Bonus Game - bwin

Just like a traditional fruit machine, there are both nudges and hold buttons available on this slot. However, there are also five mini bonus rounds which really liven up the play.

Most of these are accessed from the upper game, where you’ll need to land special winning combinations to unlock the extra features. Most of the bonus games are simple pick ‘em plays, but they offer an easy way to collect a bigger payout.

If players land three donuts on the reels, they’ll also be able to play a free spins bonus, an unexpected extra that is sure to please.

Play Toi Planet at bwin

Toi Planet from MGA is another hit which follows the studio’s tried and tested format of main and upper games. If you enjoy playing slots with lots of bonus features, this is certainly one to try.

Can I play Toi Planet at bwin?

Yes. Toi Planet is available to play online at bwin.

Who makes the Toi Planet slot?

Toi Planet was created by MGA Games.

How do I get to the bonus round?

Winning combinations will unlock five bonus mini games, plus there’s also a free spins round for players who land three donut scatters.