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Coin Miner

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  • Software: Gaming Corps
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: -
  • Reels: 5

Coin Miner Online Review

If you love slots but want something with a bit of a difference, take a look at Coin Miner from Games Corps. Trying to collect as many gold coins as you can, all the control is in your hands as you decide how much to risk and when to play on. If you're feeling brave, you could win as much as 199,802.00 with a max bet. 

Games Corps has an eclectic catalogue of games which make an exciting addition to the world of slots. Coin Miner isn't exactly an online slot but borrows heavily from the iconic Minesweeper game of the past. This isn't the first of this type of game produced by this studio; Mining Madness was a recent addition to their portfolio. Coin Miner has a lot in common with Mining Madness, so if you enjoy this style of online play, there are lots to explore with Games Corps.  

There are no traditional reels as you'd find in an online slot and nothing that spins round on each turn. However, there is a game board which measures 5x5, providing plenty of space to mine for the precious golden coins. You won't be betting per spin, but you'll be placing a bet per game. This can be anything from 0.20 to a max bet of 200.00. You can choose the volatility of the game by deciding how many bombs to include on the grid - the more you have, the greater the risk, but the higher the prizes! 

Feature Symbols

Coin Miner Slot - bwin

Minesweeper was never the most exciting game visually, and Coin Miner is definitely channeling the same kind of vibe. While there are other crypto mining games which have a compelling narrative and fun graphics - including Mining Madness by Games Corps - Coin Miner is distinctly average in the looks department. It has a very retro look with a basic design and nothing really going on apart from the squares and gold coins on a black background - plus the occasional bomb or two! 

Coin Miner isn't exactly a slot, although, at first glance, it may look very similar. The gameplay takes place on a grid, and to the left-hand side is the control panel which doesn't look vastly different from what you'd find with an online slot. The aim of the game is to uncover as many gold coins as you can find without hitting any of the mines. If you discover a mine, the round is over, and you'll lose the prize money that you've accumulated. You can stop playing and cash out at any time - the longer you play, the higher the prize will climb, but there's also the chance that the mine will be discovered at any time.  

Before you begin to play, you can decide how much you want to bet, but also how much risk you want to take by choosing how many mines you want on the board. You can play with just a single mine which provides the best chance of winning, but the tradeoff is that the prizes will be lower. Add more mines to the board, and the risk increases, but so does the prize money!  

You have the choice of deciding whether to set it up as a low risk or high risk game, and then once you're playing, you can cash out any time you want!


Coin Miner Slot Loss - bwin

There's plenty of fun and suspense in the gameplay in Coin Miner, with a potential prize that might be revealed every time you uncover a square. However, you won't find any feature in this online game, which means no bonus rounds or additional symbols. 

Play Coin Miner at bwin

Coin Miner from Games Corps isn’t exactly an online slot but it’s a great alternative that will appeal to slots players. With the chance to control the risk and when to collect prize money, Coin Miner offers fantastic chances to win as much as you dare!

Can I play Coin Miner at bwin?

Yes. Coin Miner is available to play online at bwin.

Who makes the Coin Miner slot?

Coin Miner is created by Games Corps.

How do I get to the bonus round?

Coin Miner doesn’t have any bonus rounds but every gold coin that you turn over could hold a different value so there’s plenty to win in the base game.