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Betting online has been popular for many years, but live dealer games have really captured the public's imagination in recent times. Offering a way to play more interactively while still enjoying the convenience of being at home, live dealer games are the best of both worlds.  

Evolution Gaming are one of the leaders in the field of live dealer play, and Crazy Time is one of their hottest games. With a big wheel to spin and cash prizes up to x20,000, it's a fun concept that's easy enough for anyone to follow. 

How to Play

Crazy Time How To Play - bwin

Although it might look like an extravagant production, the basics of Crazy Time are relatively simple. This means that more or less anyone can follow the rules, even complete beginners.  

You’ll notice a giant wheel on the screen; this has 54 pockets which are split into eight different possible outcomes. Not all of these outcomes have the same probability of landing as the higher prizes are fewer in number.  

Before the wheel is spun, players predict where it will finish, and if they guess correctly, they receive the corresponding prize. It's a balance between risk and reward - you can guess whichever pocket you want, but the big money prizes might take a long time to land. And, of course, there's no guarantee that they'll land at all on any specific night because the outcome is genuinely random!  

If you’ve played roulette before, the principles are similar; a straight up bet in roulette is difficult to get right, but if it lands, the payout is much bigger.  

The pockets and their payouts included in the Crazy Time wheel are: 

●     Number 1 (x1 prize) - 21 pockets

●     Number 2 (x2 prize) - 13 pockets

●     Number 5 (x5 prize) - 7 pockets

●     Number 10 (x10 prize) - 4 pockets

●     Coin Flip (x5000 prize) - 4 pockets

●     Cash Hunt (x10,000 prize) - 2 pockets

●     Pachinko (x10,000 prize) - 2 pockets

●     Crazy Time (x20,000 prize) - 1 pocket 

You have to place your bet on the corresponding pocket before the dealer starts spinning the wheel to win the prize. Some of the prizes mentioned above are self-evident, but the latter four are bonus features that we will look at now.

Special Features

Crazy Time Main - bwin

It would be boring if games were straightforward; most slots include bonus extras which add a bit of excitement to the gameplay. 

There are several features in Crazy Time, all of which are quite different. 

Coin Flip is a simple bonus, and as the name suggests, it's all about flipping a coin to get your prize. Before the bonus feature takes place, prizes are allocated to each of the two sides. Rather than heads and tails, it's red and blue, with a different multiplier for each. Once the prizes have been allocated, the coin flips, and you'll find out what prize you've won. 

Cash Hunt is an interactive Pick Me game that feels a lot more fun than your average game bonus. With 108 different multipliers on screen, players will be facing a shooting gallery with a countdown timer. Before the time runs out, the player must pick the target they want to shoot at, hopefully where the largest multiplier is hiding! When the time is up, the cannon will shoot at the chosen target to reveal what lies behind. The really fun part about Cash Hunt is that because each target is chosen individually, different players taking part can win other prizes! 

Crazy Time What To Look Out For - bwin

Pachinko is a game that’s popular in Japan, being a cross being pinball and slots. The Pachinko bonus game is based on the same mechanism, with a puck that moves down the Pachinko wall. Multipliers line up at the bottom and players win the prize that they land on. Up to x10,000 can be won by playing the Pachinko bonus. 

The big money bonus is the Crazy Time feature which is played out on a giant-sized prize wheel. Choose from red, green or yellow and try to guess where the wheel will land. With double and triple values, the prizes on offer can quickly increase up to a maximum of x20,000.

Where can I play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is available to play 24/7 at bwin.

Who has made Crazy Time?

Evolution Gaming

How do I get to the bonus round at Crazy Time?

You have several bonus rounds in Crazy Time, read the review to know how to get there.

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A Wheel of Fortune style of play makes winning cash prizes simple with Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming. Play online at bwin with a live dealer and other players for a fun and social experience that takes online gaming to the next level.