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Terminator Roulette Review

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Terminator Roulette Review

Terminator Roulette Slot - bwin-ca

The roulette wheel is one of the most iconic sights out of all the table games, and its popularity has transferred to online play. It’s now possible to experience all the excitement of playing roulette but without leaving your own home.  

The game of roulette is simple, but there are an increasing number of variants being developed, adding even more potential fun. One of these is Terminator Roulette, a fun game that takes the popular roulette wheel and adds your very own T800 terminator!  

The cybernetic screen companion is chilling - but you could end up winning even more with big prize pots included. Here’s a closer look at Terminator Roulette from Win Studios. 

How to Play

Terminator Roulette is played on a European roulette wheel which has been adapted to add an extra Terminator pocket. This means the usual pockets numbered 1-36 are split evenly between red and black. There is one additional green pocket, numbered 0, plus there's a further Terminator bonus pocket.  

Before the wheel starts spinning, you need to place a bet predicting which pocket the ball will land in. The type of bet you place and the size of your stake determine how much you could potentially win.  

The main game is exactly the same as usual, but before the round begins, you'll need to decide whether to place a Terminator Bonus bet.  

If the ball lands in the Terminator Bonus pocket on the wheel and you haven't placed a corresponding Terminator Bonus bet, in addition to any other wagers, you won't be able to play the bonus round.  

The Terminator Bonus round is very different, presenting you with 20 hexagons in what is essentially a Pick Me style bonus. If you regularly play slots, you should be familiar with this round. Under each of the hexagons lies either a cash prize or an overall multiplier. You can carry on picking hexagons until you uncover the “collect” instruction.  

At the end of the bonus round, you’ll collect your winnings and return to play the next round of roulette.  

In addition to the Terminator Bonus round, there are also two increasing prize pots. These are triggered randomly after any round of roulette, even if you haven't won. Although they can appear at any time, the chance is greater if you're betting with a higher stake.  

These prize pots move the action to a new screen which looks very similar to the bonus round. However, this time the hexagons only reveal gold or silver terminator heads, not cash sums or multipliers. You need five silver heads to win the T1 prize pot or seven gold heads for the higher T800 payout. The one you get to first determines the prize you'll win, but the really good news is that anyone playing the prize pot will definitely win something!

Prizes and Chances of Winning

Terminator Roulette Bonus - bwin-ca

There are various types of bets that can be placed in roulette, and these are mainly unchanged in Terminator Roulette.  

The most common inside bets and their corresponding payouts are: 

●     Straight up - 35:1

●     Split - 17:1

●     Street - 11:1

●     Corner - 8:1

●     Line - 5:1 

The most common outside bets and their corresponding payouts are: 

●     Column/dozen - 2:1

●     Red/black - 1:1

●     Odd/even - 1:1

●     Low/high - 1:1 

Due to the presence of the extra pocket, the house edge increases slightly. However, with the potential to land prizes, the slight difference is worth it. 

What’s Different About Terminator Roulette?

Terminator Roulette offers the same thrilling gameplay as regular roulette but with the extra addition of bonus rounds and big prize pots. These are fairly new concepts for roulette as up until now; it's all just been about spinning the wheel and nothing more.

With two ever-growing prize pots available, the possibility of a big win really livens up play with the chance to leave with a huge payout. The house edge climbs due to the presence of the extra pocket. But the big prizes counteract this, and as such, many players will be willing to trade the two off.

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