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War of Gods

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  • Software: Red Tiger
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 60
  • Reels: 5

War of Gods Online Slot Review

If you've ever wondered what would happen if the God of Thunder went toe-to-toe with the God of the Underworld, now is your chance to find out. War of Gods is the online slot from Red Tiger, which replays that exact scenario with Hades lining up against Zeus in this epic battle. With these two titans fighting it out for supremacy, there's cash available to win with a top payout of x2581. 

War Of Gods Slot Eng - bwin-ca

Gods regularly feature in online slots, and there are many titles where the deities feature front and centre. Hades and Zeus are two of the big guns, and there are many other slots where they put in an appearance, such as Zeus: God of Thunder and Hades Gigablox. There have been scraps among the gods before, too, with 1 Gods Zeus vs Thor. War of Gods won't even be the first fight between Hades and Zeus, as they've met in battle before in Zeus vs Hades from Toptrend Gaming.  

The dimensions are surprisingly average for a slot that's all about the gods, with a 5x4 grid and 30 fixed paylines. These can increase up to a maximum of 60 with a special feature. Start the betting from 0.20 or increase the stake up to the max bet of 20.00, a reasonably modest sum compared to other slots. Volatility is high, but the low-level stakes and modest top prize are unlikely to excite those chasing big wins. 

Feature Symbols

War Of Gods Feature Symbols Eng - bwin-ca

For a slot where Hades and Zeus are battling it out, you might expect something spectacular - and Red Tiger delivers in spades. The design of this game is truly worthy of the gods, with an arena that's more than ready for a duel between the deities. Fiery depths blaze below, while in the sky, there are terrifying cracks of lightning. The reels balance precariously above the underworld, waiting for Zeus to descend. 

The low pays are made up of a series of playing cards with an overarching Gothic theme. The premium pays include goblets, horns, parchment scrolls, helmets and shields. 

Most modern slots have a wild to help players out, but it's not included here. This means it's all on you to land a minimum of three symbols to get the win.  

Bonuses and Jackpots

War Of Gods Bonus - bwin-ca

Not only is there no wild in this slot, there are also no free spins. But there's more to this than just the basic play.  

If you land a 1x2 Zeus on the first and last reel, you'll unlock the Wrath of Zeus feature. This feature provides high-value Zeus symbols that turn sticky wherever they land. Sometimes they may even enlarge to a 1x4 super-sized symbol. There's also the chance to upgrade Zeus by as much as x3, providing a max prize of x20. Wrath of Zeus will carry on for as long as Zeus keeps landing on the reels.  

The action isn't all about Zeus, so when a 1x2 version of Hades appears, the Hades Hellfire feature unlocks. This is very similar to Wrath of Zeus, except that the board can expand up to 7x6, a marked difference from the regular 5x4. If you land the 1x6 Hades symbol, a prize of up to x50 is possible.  

The final feature is Warring Gods, which features both Zeus and Hades together. The benefits of both Wrath of Zeus and Hades Hellfire combine for maximum effect with a potential payout of up to x100. 

Play War of Gods at bwin

Very fittingly for a game that's all about Greek deities, War of Gods is a stunning slot. The visuals are excellent, even for a Red Tiger title, and players will become immersed in the action. The features aren't commonly found elsewhere, so it offers an exciting twist on the usual slot action. It might not be the biggest payout around, but the game is thoroughly delightful.

Can I play War of Gods at bwin?

Yes. You can play War of Gods online at bwin.

Who makes the War of Gods slot?

War of Gods is made by Red Tiger Gaming.

How do I get to the bonus round?

Land special symbols on the board to unlock bonus features which pay out prizes of up to x100.