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Blackjack Rules, Strategies and Tips for Winning

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Blackjack is the most popular casino table game around the world, which is perhaps due to it having one of the lowest house edges, on average. New players might see blackjack as being confusing. However, the rules are incredibly simple. It's also worth mentioning that blackjack isn't a game entirely based on luck, as the decisions can be made in an optimal way, to increase the chance of the hand being a successful one. In this article, we take a look at how to play and offer some tips that can help punters to improve their skills.

Understanding Basic Blackjack Rules

The main aim of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, without the hand going over. At the start of the round, players will be prompted to place their bets, before they are dealt two face up cards. The dealer will be dealt 1 card face up, and 1 card face down. Next, players will be given the choice to either hit, stand or double down. Standing will mean that another card is dealt to the hand, while standing will lock the value in for the rest of the round. Should players opt to double down, their bet will be doubled, before one last card is dealt to them. 

There is also a fourth option, known as split, that is only available should the player have two of the same card. Opting to split will double the total bet, with the cards making their own hands. Another card will be dealt to each, before players are prompted to hit or split each hand, separately. After all players have finalized their hands, the dealer will flip their face down card. Should their hand make 17 or more, most rules will state that they have to stand. If not, they will draw to 17 or more.  

Players will have a winning hand if their number is closer to 21, without going over it, or the dealer busts and their hand doesn't. Should the dealer and player have the same total value, the bet will be marked as a 'push' and returned.

Best Strategies for Blackjack

There are two standout strategies that can help a player to improve their chances at the blackjack table. First up is basic strategy, which is considered to be one of the most optimal ways to play the game. Basic strategy can be found online, or on a small piece of card, which is permitted at the table itself. This will tell players when to hit, stand, split, or double down, according to probability.  

Next is card counting, an advanced strategy that requires a lot of practice, time, and patience. This is statistically the best way to play blackjack, should the skill be learned perfectly. In a nutshell, the strategy involves keeping track of which cards have been used, with the play style being adapted accordingly. Of course, no system in blackjack can guarantee a win, however, as there is a percentage of luck involved.

Tips for Blackjack Players

Most of the best practices for blackjack revolve around basic strategy. The first is to never take insurance as statistically, the bet doesn't offer enough value. For insurance to be worth it, the odds of the dealer having a 10 as their face down card would need to be 33.34% or higher. This is rarely the case. However, the card-counting strategy can help players to determine the likelihood of this, if used correctly. 

Another tip would be to never split 10s. Although this can be tempting, the hand is strong as it is. Players should also look at the odds offered on different tables before sitting down. In particular, different tables can offer different potential winnings for a blackjack, such as 6:5, 3:2, or 2:1. 

For beginners, learning the rules is perhaps the best place to start. Understanding the mechanics of the game, alongside the different options, should be a priority. Once this is done, playing with friends or with small stakes online may be the perfect way to become acquainted with the game.  

Bonuses at online casinos could be another way of getting more out of a deposit. Some of these bonuses may apply to blackjack specifically, while others can be valid across all casino games. These offers tend to change frequently, so keeping an eye out could prove to be beneficial!

How to win at Blackjack?

Having a hand closer to 21 than the dealer, or the dealer busting will award players with 2x their stake size. Keep in mind that this is only the case if the player hasn't gone above 21 themself. A blackjack, which is a combination of a 10 and A, can award up to 3x the stake size, too, depending on the table. Different blackjack may also offer unique side bets, all of which have different potential winnings.

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It's important to remember that although the rules mentioned in this post apply to most variations of blackjack, some tables will come with their own, slightly different set. This is one of the things that should be checked before play commences!

Now that you know the basic rules of blackjack, why not try your hand at a game of online blackjack and see if you can beat the house?