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Scratch Cards 101: Everything You Need To Know

Scratch Cards 101: Buying, Making, And Playing Online

Scratch Cards 101: Buying, Making, And Playing Online

Scratch cards are just one example of a casino game that can be played both online and by purchasing a ticket at a physical store. They have been popular for decades, perhaps due to their overall simplicity. In this article, bwin takes a closer look at scratch cards, including how they work and the different jackpots associated with them. We also cover how to make a scratch card at home!

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What Are Scratch Cards And How Do They Work?

As the name suggests, scratch cards involve the player scratching off different segments of a ticket. This will reveal symbols, indicating whether or not the scratch card is a winner. Typically, players should look out for matching icons, although some scratch cards have different winning mechanics. 

Scratch cards are considered to be an 'instant win' type of game, meaning that players will know the outcome of the round almost as soon as they've purchased the ticket. They are also a few different varieties of online scratch cards, some of which will come with animations and unique bonus rounds. 

Pros And Cons Of Buying Scratch Cards: Odds, Prizes, And Costs

It's perhaps no secret that all online casino games come with advantages and disadvantages. This is why different games appeal to different players, depending on their unique preferences. Some of the pros and cons of buying a scratch card include the following: 


One of the most significant advantages of scratch cards is the fun aspect. They typically offer a fast-paced experience to players, with the results being revealed almost immediately. Any potential winnings will also be awarded as soon as the different panels have been scratched off.  

Another advantage of playing scratch cards is the range of jackpots. Some of these will be fixed, while others will be progressive. This usually is dependent on the provider, but some online casinos may offer their own separate jackpots.  

As we mentioned earlier, some online scratch cards will come with their own bonus modes. This can include aspects of slots, such as a free spins mode or a 'pick em' style game, just to mention a couple. Providers are constantly looking for ways to make their scratch cards more entertaining, so additional bonus rounds will likely be incorporated over time. 


A potential downside with scratch cards is that some are rather basic. They can come with limited features and simply involve scratching off a selection of panels. While some players will prefer this, most punters are looking for something unique.  

Scratch cards are also not as popular as online slots, meaning that progressive jackpots may not increase as fast. For those that aren't familiar with progressive jackpots, a percentage of all wagers are added to a total prize pool, which can then be awarded to a player at random. 

Risk is another downside, as no scratch card is guaranteed to award any potential winnings. Like with online slots, the outcome of an online scratch card is calculated by using a random number generator. This means that all tickets are completely fair. Physical scratch cards are printed in bulk, in accordance with their stated RTP percentage. 

How To Make A Scratch Card

So, how can people make their own scratch card? It's a lot easier than some would imagine. To start, the design of the card, alongside the message beneath, must be printed onto a ticket. Doing this on a computer is likely the best solution, as it offers another layer of visual appeal. 

After the card is printed, a layer of sticky tape can be placed over the message that is to be revealed after scratching. The final step is to apply 3-4 layers of acrylic paint over the top, letting each layer dry completely before the next is added. Using silver paint is great for making the fake scratch card look as realistic as possible. A coin or similar item can then be used to scratch off the paint to show the message hidden underneath! 

How Many Scratch Card Jackpots Are Left And Where To Find Them?

There is no set limit for scratch card jackpots, as many reset when they are won. Typically, a percentage of all tickets sold will be awarded back to punters, with this figure being known as the RTP or Return To Player. For example, if an online scratch card has an RTP of 95.00%, 0.95 of all 1.00 wagered will be redistributed to players.  

Players can find scratch cards with jackpots with various methods. These include browsing through the extensive bwin catalogue of casino games or simply searching for the preferred scratch card title. Alternatively, for those that wish to find games with progressive prize pools, head over to the jackpots section of the bwin casino! 

How To Claim Scratch Card Winnings?

Should a player have a winning card, the method of claiming the potential winnings will depend on where the ticket was purchased. For physical tickets, these have to be taken to a qualifying location within 180 days of purchase. Prizes of over 50,000.00 require the player to fill out a form to arrange the claim of potential winnings, which can include a cheque, direct credit, or a bank transfer. When playing online, potential winnings will be added to the balance immediately. 

Online Scratch Cards UK

One of the most popular ways to buy scratch cards in the UK is with online casinos. Here at bwin online casino, we have an extensive range of options, lots of which come with unique features, including bonus rounds and progressive jackpots! Some of these jackpots come with fixed time periods. However, others can increase indefinitely until they're awarded.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scratch Cards

How Old To Buy A Scratch Card?

In the UK, you need to be at least 16 years of age in order to buy a scratch card at any physical location. If purchasing one at an online casino, players need to be 18 or older. Proof of age will be required in both instances. 

What Similar Games Should I Try If I Like Scratch Cards?

For players that enjoy scratch cards, there are many other instant win games to consider. These include the popular Mining Madness and Coin Miner games, both of which are similar to minesweeper. Slingo is also similar in many ways.

Where Can I Find Online Scratchcards?

Players can find a vast range of scratch cards online at bwin. We offer a unique range of choices alongside slots, table games, and a selection of other top titles. 

Do All Online Casinos Have Scratchcards?

No, not all online casinos have scratch cards that players can buy. Here at bwin, however, a selection of scratch cards and other instant games can be found in our catalogue. 

Can I Play Scratchcard Casino Games For Free?

Yes, scratch cards can be played for free by loading the demo version of a game. Keep in mind that when playing for free, no real money can be won. With that being said, a demo can be great for learning the mechanics of a game or for simply exploring the different features.

Are Scratchcard Games Rigged?

No, as long as it is not a fake scratch card, the outcome will not be rigged. A random number generator is used in order to determine whether or not the ticket is a winner. Results are provably fair and can be validated by the player at any time, if they wish. 

How Much Can I Win With An Online Scratchcard?

The maximum potential winnings will depend mainly on the scratch card provider. Some will have capped potential winnings, while others come with progressive jackpots. With a progressive jackpot scratch card, the top prize will increase until it's awarded. 

Are There Scratchcards With No Deposit In The UK?

Yes, players may be able to find scratch cards with no deposit in the UK. These are often awarded in the form of a bonus, so checking the offer page frequently might be beneficial to players. 

How Much Does An Online Scratchcard Typically Cost?

Most scratch cards can be bought for 1.00 as standard. There are plenty of other bet sizing options, however, with many providers allowing players to adjust their wager before they begin scratching.

Are Online Scratchcards Different From Regular Ones? (

Yes, online scratch cards can come with a handful of different features when compared to standard alternatives. This includes the ability to adjust the bet size alongside the potential for different bonus rounds. Of course, online scratch cards can also come with immersive animations and sound effects.