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Videoslots 101: Everything You Need to Know

Videoslots 101: Everything You Need to Know

Videoslots 101: Everything You Need to Know

Although videoslots are established in the world of online casinos, they are still more modern than regular alternatives. Although traditional and newer video slots are often put into the same category, there are some differences that make them stand out from the crowd. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about video slots! 

Understanding the Basics of Videoslots: Symbols, Paylines, and RTP

When it comes to choosing a game at a videoslots casino, there are three main features to consider. These are the symbols, paylines, and RTP, which will all have their own impact on the game itself. Below is an overview of each! 

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The symbols in a slot are the main thing that players keep an eye on. Should these form a matching combination, players can be awarded with potential winnings, depending on the desirability of the symbol. All of the information regarding symbols should be clearly displayed within the slot, shown on a 'paytable'.  

In most online slots, there are two types of symbols, standard and premium variations. Premium icons are favoured by players, as they have higher potential winnings associated with them. Standard symbols are often represented by different playing card values, such as a 10, J, Q, K, and A, although this isn't always the case. 


A payline on a slot machine, as the name suggests, is a line in which symbols can appear. Matching combinations can only be formed across these lines. Otherwise, no potential winnings will be awarded. Most slots have a fixed number of paylines. However, there are some interesting mechanics, such as Megaways, that will alter the total during each spin.  

In some games, all of the paylines will be clearly marked on either side of the board. If not, they should be visible in the 'Information' tab of the game, so players know exactly where to look when spinning! 


The RTP, or Return To Player, of a slot, indicates what percentage of all wagered funds will be redistributed to punters. Different games will have various RTP figures. However, the average for online slots is around 95%. Using this figure as an example would mean that for every 100.00 that is wagered, 95.00 will be awarded back to players. RTP is calculated across millions of simulated spins, making it unlikely that players will stay close to this figure during their session. 

How do video slots work?

From a player's perspective, video slots work in a very simple way. To start, a bet size must be selected, which often sits at a minimum of 0.10 or lower. Players can then click the 'spin' button, causing the reels to spin before a variety of different symbols drop into place. If any matching combinations are formed, the potential winnings will then be awarded.  

The video slot itself uses a random number generator to determine whether or not a spin will create a matching combination or not. This outcome will be reached as soon as the player spins the slot, long before all of the symbols drop into view. Of course, the RTP is taken into consideration, too. 

Video Slots vs Classic Slots

While video slots are similar to classic slots in many ways, they tend to come with additional features, alongside contrasting visuals. Let's take a look at each and discuss the main differences between the two! 

What Are Regular Slots?

Regular slots tend to be rather basic. They often come with fewer paylines than video slots and have minimal mechanics. Another difference between classic slots and video slots is the number of reels. With traditional alternatives, there are often only 3 reels, whereas video slots can come with 5, 6, or more! 

What Are Video Slots?

As for video slots, these types of games will feature impressive visuals, hence the name. Some of these visuals may include cutscenes before the slot loads, animations for specific outcomes, and a range of high-quality graphics.   

Most video slots will contain immersive background music and interactive sound effects. Finally, they may also contain one or more bonus modes, with free spins being the most common. 

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Videoslots Tips and Tricks

Increasing the chances of a matching combination dropping into view. Each spin is totally random, with these slots relying entirely on luck.   

First, players should be careful when picking a game. Each online video slot will come with a variety of different statistics, including the aforementioned RTP. Other features to look out for include bonus modes, if any, alongside the potential winnings associated with different symbol combinations. 

Next up, finding a casino bonus may be beneficial to players that wish to spin videoslots. Most of these offers will come with wagering requirements. However, they can offer some additional balance to play with. This can allow players to try out different videoslots UK, perhaps even finding a new favourite game as a result!  

The final tip for punters is to always play responsibly. A great way to achieve this is by implementing deposit limits and reality checks, which are just two of the account features offered at bwin. Players should also take regular breaks to ensure that they remain in control at all times! 

Exploring the Top Video Slots and Mobile Casinos

Videoslots being available on mobile devices is a priority for many punters. Fortunately, these types of slots are almost always optimized for play on phones and tablets. Certain providers, such as Pragmatic Play, always ensure that their games are suitable for mobile devices before launch. These video slots mobile, alongside many others, can be found in the bwin online casino directory! 

Advantages of Playing Videoslots Online vs Land-Based Casinos

One of the main advantages of online videoslots is that they typically have higher RTP figures, on average, when compared to land-based casinos. These are often between 90-93% at physical locations, with this average typically sitting at about 95% when playing at an online video slots casino.  

Players can also find a larger variety of video slot options online. Here at bwin, we offer hundreds of slots that cover many different themes, from leading providers in the space. At land-based casinos, due to the size limitations, providing a number of slots even remotely close to this are impossible.  

Last but not least, playing an online videoslot offers convenience to punters. They can spin from their own home, at any time they choose, without the need to visit a physical casino. Overall, the experience is very similar, too, as these slots have an array of immersive features. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Videoslots

What is a video slot game?

A video slot game is an online slot that features impressive visual aspects. This can include animations, high-quality graphics, and cutscenes. 

What's The Difference Between Video Slots and Regular Slots?

Regular slots tend to focus less on the visual appeal of the game. They often contain 3 reels, too, whereas video slot alternatives can feature 5 or more.  

Which Is Better, Regular or Video Slots?

Video and regular slots have their own benefits and drawbacks; however, many punters prefer video slots. When the improved visuals, audio, and bonus modes are taken into consideration, this is perhaps no surprise. 

What are the most popular video slots?

The most popular video slot of all time is Starburst, created by NetEnt. Gonzo's Quest is next up, followed by Immortal Romance, and Dead or Alive. Interestingly, NetEnt is responsible for three of these games, while Immortal Romance was released by Microgaming. 

Can you win money on video slots?

Yes, players can win money on video slots as long as real funds are being wagered. In order to do this, a deposit must be made prior to spinning.