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Learn Blackjack Strategy with a Basic Strategy Chart

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

For those that are looking to improve their blackjack skills, a basic strategy chart can provide immediate help. These charts will essentially provide the optimal decision to players, based on the cards they currently hold. The cards that the dealer is showing will also be taken into consideration.

Before diving into a blackjack chart, players must remember that they do not guarantee a win under any circumstances. The house still has an advantage, even if the chart is followed perfectly.

It's also worth mentioning that this strategy offers a lower theoretical chance of success when compared to card counting. However, it is much easier to incorporate at the table. Now, without further ado, let's take an in-depth look at blackjack strategy charts!

What is a Blackjack Strategy Chart?

As hinted at earlier, a blackjack strategy chart will allow players to learn the right decision for each hand they play at the table. It relies heavily on math and probability, with every possible outcome being considered. Following a basic blackjack strategy can significantly decrease the house edge and increase the chance of a winning hand.

Now, the best strategy may change depending on the variation of blackjack. Most charts will account for tables that allow players to surrender or double down in specific circumstances. This is something players should check before sitting down at a table or placing a bet with any online blackjack provider.

How to Use a Blackjack Strategy Chart

Using a blackjack strategy chart is incredibly simple. To start, players must find their card combination on the chart before looking for the row that references the dealer's hand. Where these two hands meet, the optimal decision can be found.

Most of these charts will use abbreviations, so understanding the key is crucial. Commonly, H will stand for ‘Hit’, S will represent the ‘Stand’ option, ‘D’ will indicate that players should double down, and ‘SP’ references splitting. There can also be ‘D/H’ and ‘D/S’ options, which means double down, or hit/stand if this isn’t possible. In most instances, these abbreviations will be shown on the sheet itself to avoid confusion.

If the optimal action is to hit, the strategy chart can be referenced again. However, should the total of the hand be 17 or more, players will be advised to stand, regardless of what cards the dealer is showing.

Blackjack Chart vs. Cheat Sheet

In short, a blackjack chart and a cheat sheet are the same thing. However, in some instances, people may refer to a blackjack cheat sheet as a set of tips for improving your game. This advice is typically easy to follow, meaning that the chances of winning can be increased with minimal experience.

Some blackjack charts will be easier to understand than others, while some may appear to offer more information. As long as the chart comes from a reliable source, such as the one feature on this page, it will offer the 'correct' action to players, regardless of how detailed it may appear to be.

GTA Blackjack Cheat Sheet

Now, many people are wondering whether or not the same chart works in GTA. In short, it does, as Rockstar Games has based their blackjack on the same principles as real-life alternatives. Again, using a GTA blackjack cheat sheet does not ensure that each hand will be a winning one. However, it can take the house advantage down to 0.28%. This figure was calculated by an avid gamer, who measured thousands of hands while playing the standard 4 deck blackjack.

Players have a range of different options when sitting at the table, including the ability to adjust their bet size, split a pair of cards that have the same value, and double down, if allowed. Perhaps the only difference with this type of blackjack, is that the ability to take insurance is removed. With that being said, a GTA blackjack cheat sheet will always advise against taking blackjack insurance anyway.

Improve Your Blackjack Game Today

By learning a blackjack basic strategy chart, players can improve their chances while at the table. Committing each action to memory could certainly prove to be very useful. However, taking a physical copy is completely fine, too. Many people think that this is against the rules, but both physical and online casinos will be happy for you to use a basic strategy chart.

Another thing players can do is practice. A great way to do this could be playing for free online, before moving to smaller stake tables. Doing this will enable players to quickly reference the chart or recall the optimal decision from memory. After this has been mastered, players could consider wagering at a standard game.

Looking through the different variations is a key component of playing blackjack. Some will offer players a set of rules that is more suited to their style or simply offer higher potential winnings for a blackjack. When it comes to playing online, 3:2 or 1.5x the stake size for a blackjack is typical. However, some will still only award at the rate of 1:1. 

Other variations will allow 'doubling double' in more instances or offer the chance to lay unique side bets. Some of these options may include 'Perfect Pairs', '21+3', and insurance, should the dealer be showing an Ace. Of course, enjoyment is another thing that should be considered.

Finally, setting limits before each session is crucially important. This doesn't just apply to blackjack, but any online casino game, in order to keep players safe. Here at bwin, a licensed online casino, we offer a variety of gambling controls that can help to achieve this, including deposit limits and maximum stake limits.


That wraps up this post on using a blackjack basic strategy chart. If the correct decisions are made, players can improve their chances of winning during a session. Remember that referencing a chart is completely legal and is even encouraged by many online casinos, which is something that not all punters are aware of. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is having fun while also setting limits to stay safe!

Can You Win Using Blackjack Basic Strategy?

It's impossible to win every time you play blackjack, but the main objective of using the basic strategy is to reduce the house edge as much as possible, increase the odds of winning, and limit your losses.

Should You Hit On A 12 Or 13 In Blackjack?

When the dealer's upcard is 3, hit on anything below 8 and specifically on 12, while standing on 13 or above. If the dealer's upcard is 2, hit on anything below 9 and stand on 13 or above.

Is It Difficult To Memorise Basic Blackjack Strategy?

Memorising all the rules, especially when combined with other factors such as the number of player and dealer cards, may seem daunting at first, but most people can learn the basic strategy in two to four weeks with practice. Online casinos and blackjack videos provide opportunities to practise the strategy in simulated games or by watching other players.

Are There Tools To Help Memorise Blackjack Basic Strategy?

Numerous free blackjack apps and games are available to help players practise their strategy. Alternatively, players can access demo blackjack games for free on PartyCasino.

Should You Take The Insurance Bet?

Unless you're utilising a card counting method, it's not recommended to take the insurance bet since it has a high house edge.

Can You Use Blackjack Basic Strategy In Any Casino?

Most casinos do not have a rule against using blackjack basic strategy. Players can even bring a blackjack strategy chart with them to the casino. However, dealers may become impatient with players who take too long to consult their cards, so it's best to memorise the rules before visiting a casino or online casino.

Do You Need To Know Card Counting To Win At Blackjack?

While card counting can increase your chances of winning, implementing a basic blackjack strategy is sufficient to keep the house edge low and maximise your chances of winning, without the need for card counting.