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Online Slots Strategy: 2 Euro Bet

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Punters have been looking for tips and tricks to beat slot machines since their inception. Throughout the years, various strategies have been formed, with some being viable and others having no effect on gameplay at all. The slots 2 euro trick is one that does have some interesting theory behind it, which will be explained in this article. We also discuss when this trick can be used and offer some additional tips on the subject!

What is 2 Euro (€2) Bet?

The 2 euro bet slots strategy involves using a maximum of 2 euros to test a slot. Many punters use this trick to see whether a machine or online slot is in a giving mood. This strategy is based on the RTP, or Return to Player mechanic, that is included in all slot machines. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, it means that, on average, 0.96 must be awarded back to players for every 1.00 that is wagered.

How to use the 2 Euro Bet Slots Strategy?

This trick is rather simple and involves playing a slot with a total stake size of 2 euros, split into 10 bets of 0.20 each. The idea behind this trick is to monitor the outcome of the 10 spins. Many players that follow this strategy will walk away if less than 3 of these spins form a matching combination, or the potential winnings for one spin was not at least 2.5x. Should this not happen, players can either stop or try another slot.

As the €2 slot trick revolves around testing a slot with a minimal balance, playing on the lowest possible stake size could perhaps be the way to go. Some players will use this trick exclusively with a bet of 0.20 per spin, but smaller increments could certainly be considered. A lot of online slots have a minimum stake size of 0.10 and lower, which may present an opportunity for trying a different variation of this trick.

When should you use the €2 trick?

In theory, this trick can be used at any time on any slot. However, some players like to monitor slot games, both physical and online alternatives, to see which machines haven't awarded any potential winnings for a while. This could perhaps be the opportune time to test the machine by using the 2 euro trick. 

So, how do players monitor whether or not a slot has been awarding players? For physical slot machines, this is relatively easy. Keeping an eye out whilst others are playing is a straightforward and reliable way to do this. With online slots, it becomes a little more complicated, but it can still be possible. By looking at progressive jackpots, players can look for ones that are inflated beyond their standard size, which is an indicator that the potential prize pool hasn't been awarded in a while.

Yes, using the €2 trick is undoubtedly legal. Players can always choose the amount they'd like to wager, alongside the stake size per spin. It's also entirely legal for players to use a variety of different machines, or online slots, with a set limit for each.

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While many people use this trick on a regular basis, it's essential to know that the result of each spin is completely random. It's impossible to determine exactly when a machine can award potential winnings. However, RTP is very much a real and proven aspect of any slot.

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