What Are Online Slots? - A Guide to Playing Casino Games - bwin

What Are Online Slots? - A Guide to Playing Casino Games

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Slot Machines - bwin

At first, slots were physical machines that could award players with coins depending on the outcome of a spin. Once the credits were loaded, a button could be pressed to start the game. The main aim, as many know, is to form a combination of matching symbols. These icons have different values, which are typically shown to the left or the right of the reels.  

Online slots are very similar, but typically have a lot more to offer. Perhaps the standout difference is the array of different bonus modes and, of course, the interactive visuals. Players can expect an astounding number of choices when browsing through online slots, with themes, styles, and mechanics differing from game to game. Some of the most popular titles in this category include Starburst by NetEnt and Mega Moolah by Microgaming.

How Do Online Slots Work?

Online slots are relatively simple to understand. Players start by making a deposit and selecting an appropriate wager size. This will be taken from the balance after every spin, with matching combinations awarding varying potential winnings, depending on the values of the corresponding symbols.  

The outcome of a spin will be dependent on a random number generator. It's this result that will determine which symbols drop into play, alongside whether or not a matching combination will appear. There are some mechanics within online slots, such as Megaways, that can create a nearly unlimited number of potential outcomes.

Types Of Slot Machines

As previously mentioned, there are a variety of different online slots available to players. The first type of slot in this category is classic games, which feature 3 reels and minimal additional features. Video slots are another variation that focuses heavily on visuals, while also having a minimum of five reels and, typically, multiple paylines. These types of slots often come with bonus modes, too, with free spins being the most used feature in this area. 

Progressive slots are also worth mentioning. They come with progressive jackpots that will increase until they are awarded. A portion of all bets placed on the slot, or across a series of slot machines will be contributed towards the total prize pool. Some jackpots have to be awarded within a specific time period, while others will continue to rise. Of course, these are not the only types, with other options being virtual reality slots, 3D slots, and interactive slots.

How To Win Online Slots?

While the outcome of online slots is entirely random, there are a few tips that players can implement before and during each spin. The first tip is relatively simple and revolves around players carefully selecting the game. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as reading the brief description of each game, checking online slot reviews, or watching videos on platforms such as YouTube.

Next, players should become familiar with the rules. Typically, all of the information needed will be inside the slot itself. Once the game has loaded, look for an icon that resembles the letter i. Most providers will include all of the rules for the slot game in this section. 

Finally, setting limits before playing is incredibly important. By setting out limits beforehand and sticking to them, players can have more fun. This applies to both deposits and the time spent playing online slots.

Where To Play Slots Online?

bwin has a massive selection of popular slots online that are available 24/7. Players can pick between all of the previously mentioned slot types in order to find one that meets their preferences. bwin also offers a superb level of support, alongside an impressive range of payment methods. This includes popular options such as PayPal, Skrill, and Visa debit cards.